Elden Ring: Transformation into Runebear with Shadow of the Erdtree Incantation.

The North Ravine is home to a dense woodland teeming with runebears, a sight that beckons explorers with its allure. These intimidating creatures, reminiscent of giant housecats, fervently scratch at the trees. It is a striking and dangerous display, as attempting to approach or interact with them may lead to disastrous consequences. However, those brave enough to face the rampage of these runebears may discover Rugalea, referred to as the “great red bear”.

This unique boss presents an exhilarating challenge and rewards the victorious with a remarkable incantation. This powerful spell allows the user to take on the form of a giant runebear head, enabling them to unleash a formidable roar upon their foes. An enigmatic incantation, playfully dubbed ‘the bear communion’, is linked to the influence of Rugalea, the great red bear. It grants the ability to transform into this formidable bear and emit a resounding roar.

The spell is described as a unique invocation, more akin to the divine power of the hornsent than the commonly associated Dragon Communion. This discovery, brought to light by YouTuber Zullie the Witch in 2022, introduced the intriguing notion of an out-of-bounds runebear in the game’s network test. This elusive creature was found to drop a Dragon Heart upon defeat, revealing a mysterious connection to the stone dragons and the Tarnished when undergoing Dragon Communion. Those seeking to uncover this transformative spell and challenge the daunting runebears must venture north of the Moorth ruins, traveling towards two small lakes of water.

Here, a path leads beneath the Rauh Ancient Ruins and eventually to the North Ravine. This spell, requiring a modest 14 faith to cast, offers an alternative combat approach, allowing players to unleash a roaring fury akin to that of a runebear. Though the practicality of this unconventional method may be in question, the ever-evolving landscape of gaming challenges and triumphs makes it a compelling prospect for audacious players. Shadow of the Erdtree, the acclaimed and singular DLC expansion for Elden Ring, expands the game’s universe by introducing the Land of Shadow and an all-new narrative for the Tarnished.

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