Elgato’s Fallout Stream Deck And Matching Accessories Now Available for Purchase

The latest must-have collection for Vault Dwellers has been revealed, and it’s garnered a 93 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, placing it alongside acclaimed shows like The Last Of Us in terms of quality adaptations from video games. For fans looking to celebrate beyond watching the show, Elgato has unveiled a special edition Stream Deck featuring a Fallout theme. In a Twitter teaser featuring Vault Boy, the Fallout mascot, a themed Stream Deck is showcased, along with a Wave DX mic, Wave XLR mic, and a dial, all designed to complement the set.

These items will be available for purchase on the Elgato website, along with a limited number of Vault Overseer Kits bundling all four items together. Details on availability and pricing are forthcoming, with the company advising fans to stay tuned to their social media channels and website for updates, as the collection is deemed limited edition and may not be available for long. For those who miss out on the Elgato collection, there are other ways to engage with the Fallout universe.

Xbox is offering significant discounts on all Fallout games, with prices reduced by 75 percent or more. Additionally, Insert Coin has restocked some of its Fallout collection in anticipation of the show’s release.

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