Fallout 3’s Sunlight Points in Wrong Direction for 15 Years

A Fallout 3 player recently made an interesting discovery about the game. The player revealed that the game’s sunlight has been pointed in the wrong direction since its launch. Apparently, a coding error caused the sunlight’s y-axis to be improperly inverted. It is not surprising that this oversight took so long to be noticed, given the game’s history of bugs.

Fallout games have always had their fair share of technical issues, which are part of their charm. In the case of Fallout 3, the error in the coding has resulted in the sunlight pointing in the wrong direction since the game’s release in 2008. The community quickly stepped in to address the issue. A modder has already released a fix for the problem, allowing players to correct the position of the sunlight within the game.

This discovery adds to the collection of peculiar bugs found in Fallout games. The series has a history of quirky little annoyances that were never fixed, such as the In Shining Armor perk in Fallout New Vegas. These coding errors are seen as visible quirks of the presumably rushed development process and add to the fun of playing these games. Overall, this recent revelation about Fallout 3’s sunlight serves as an interesting insight into the game’s history and the ongoing dedication of its modding community to improve the player experience.

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