Fallout Fans have Theories about the Snake Oil Salesman’s Healing Serum

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The question at hand is whether a reference in the show “Fallout” is to Fallout 4, Fallout 76, or neither. The Fallout series is known for its hidden references, some even escaping the notice of the series creator, Tim Cain. The show is packed with these references, sparking discussions about potential nods to the games even a week after viewing.

One particularly puzzling reference is the Snake Oil Salesman encountered by Lucy and Maximus in the second episode. Viewer discretion is advised as we delve deeper into spoilers. In Fallout lore, the Snake Oil Salesman plays a significant role in the story.

After a confrontation with Maximus that results in a broken foot, Thaddeus encounters the salesman and trades a Power Core for some medicine. The medicine seemingly heals his foot but also turns him into a Ghoul, a transformation not typically associated with regenerative properties in the games. This has prompted fans to speculate about the nature of the serum Thaddeus ingested.

One theory suggests that Thaddeus injected himself with the Mysterious Serum from Fallout 4, derived from the blood of the immortal Lorenzo Cabot. Although this serum grants immortality in the game, it doesn’t cause Ghoulification, which Twitter user Wasteland Medic addresses with an alternative theory. They propose that Thaddeus actually took the Healing Factor Serum from Fallout 76, which grants regenerative abilities through mutation, potentially resulting in the Ghoul transformation.

Other theories include the serum being a form of FEV, transforming Thaddeus into a Super Mutant, or it being the experimental drug that John Hancock used to become a Ghoul. The mystery surrounding the serum may be resolved in Season 2 of the show, recently ordered by Amazon Prime.

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