Fallout: New Vegas Unable to Reference The Enclave

The game’s project director had to fight for the Remnants quest in which we recruit former members to help in the second Battle of Hoover Dam. According to Obsidian Entertainment co-founder Chris Avellone, this was a direct mandate from Bethesda; “They were so important that any mention of the Enclave was expressly prohibited in New Vegas except for the Remnants that the project director fought for despite the fact Todd [Howard] had a seemingly huge hard-on for the Enclave (not an insult, good on Todd for having a huge hard-on).” Befriending Arcade Gannon unlocks a quest which is essentially a Fallout 2 epilogue. Dubbed For Auld Lang Syne, you travel the Mojave to recruit an old band of former Enclave to help in the second Battle of Hoover Dam.

Granted, a lack of Enclave on the West Coast lines up with everything we know. The Chosen One killed their president and destroyed their base along with most of the people inside of it. There wasn’t much left of the Enclave, and what few survived fled to the other side of the country. The Enclave is a pre-war organization comprised of some of the most influential people in America, from politicians to award-winning scientists to high-ranking military.

After the war, they claimed to continue the old US government. Despite the Enclave being in Fallout 2, which Chris Avellone worked on, he isn’t a fan. They continued the line of presidents well into the aftermath of the Great War and held some of the most advanced technology of any faction in the Wasteland. The Vertibirds we now see the NCR and Brotherhood use were pillaged from Enclave outposts like Navarro.

While we thwarted their plans at the oil rig and Raven Rock, the Enclave have mysteriously resurfaced on the West Coast in the TV series. How large a presence they now hold, and what they’re up to these days, is currently a mystery.

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