Elden Ring Will Feature Several Endings Linked to the Erdtree’s Shadow

In Elden Ring, choices made won’t affect Shadow of the Erdtree. Players can encounter St. Trina, a mysterious character, in the expansion.

Bringing the Blood of the Dark Soul to the Painted World of Ariandel creates a new world. The base game won’t impact the different DLC endings.

Elden Ring features two crafting materials, Trina’s Lily and Miquella’s Lily, dropped by Malenia’s Cleanrot Knights. Players can also discover St. Trina’s Hideaway, marked by statues of Miquella and Malenia.

The origins of the enigmatic St. Trina remain unknown, but some speculate a connection to the Land of Shadow. Miyazaki noted that players will meet St. Trina in the DLC launching on June 21.

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