Airbnb Recreates X-Men ’97’s Mansion in Real Life

Airbnb has transformed a real mansion into the School for Gifted Youngsters from X-Men ’97. For $97 per person, up to eight people can stay in the mansion for a night. The stay includes the opportunity to train in the danger room, try on Cerebro, and receive a diploma upon departure. The mansion has garnered attention due to its resemblance to the X-Men’s residence.

Each item in the mansion was hand-painted, taking at least an hour for each piece. The mansion features various experiences, such as a trip to Beast’s lab, recreating the iconic Wolverine photo meme, and a training session in the Danger Room. The stay also includes the chance to spend the night in recreations of Jubilee and Cyclops’ bedrooms and receive a diploma as proof of attending Xavier’s school. The opportunity to book a stay at the mansion is available via Airbnb until May 14.

Additionally, for those who are not fans of X-Men, Airbnb has also introduced a recreation of the house from the movie Up, offering a unique experience of staying in the airborne house with attached balloons.

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