Fallout New Vegas Veterans Encouraging Newcomers to Explore Quarry Junction

The past week has seen a lot of individuals encouraging newcomers to play Fallout New Vegas while simultaneously ensuring that they have a difficult time. This behavior reflects the harsh reality of the Wasteland. Specifically, there has been a trend of recommending new players to head to Quarry Junction, promising them powerful loot and items.

However, in reality, the area is filled with terror and pain, inhabited by powerful Deathclaws and other deadly enemies like Cazadors. Interestingly, Fallout New Vegas players’ cruelty stands in stark contrast to the general kindness exhibited by the rest of the fanbase. For instance, the fanbase of Fallout 76 has been actively supporting and guiding new players, showcasing a consistently kind approach.

Despite being the only Fallout game with multiplayer and PvP, veteran players often generously provide new players with essential supplies like Stimpacks in bulk. This kindness was exemplified when a Reddit user named Armplt received 500 Stimpacks and legendary armor from a veteran player for spending time with them. The stark difference in behavior is evident when considering how Fallout 76 players engage in activities such as “playing tag” in a small playground, creating an atmosphere that contradicts the deadly, post-apocalyptic world setting of the game.

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