Fallout Season 2 Wishlist: What Fans Want to See in the Next Season

Fallout’s first season is packed with details from the games, offering an impressive amount of fan service throughout its eight episodes. From vaults and Pip-Boys to ghouls and power armor, the show effectively incorporates Fallout’s iconic imagery into the narrative. However, the first season only scratches the surface, as there are numerous significant elements from the games that have yet to be featured.

The season hints at some of Fallout’s most iconic creatures, weapons, and items that are likely to be revealed in the next season. One of the most eagerly anticipated additions is the inclusion of Deathclaws, Fallout’s unofficial mutated mascot, which has been intentionally withheld from the first season. The appearance of a Deathclaw skull in the final moments of the last episode strongly suggests that these creatures will play a significant role in the upcoming season.

Additionally, while the first season briefly touches on super mutants in a boardroom scene, their role and potential storylines are left largely unexplored, creating fertile ground for the next season. Given their importance and presence in the Fallout series, the inclusion of super mutants in the upcoming season would add depth and richness to the narrative. Another significant element yet to be fully explored in the show is the presence of synths, androids created by the Institute, which has become a key part of the Fallout mythos.

The limited focus on robots in the first season presents an opportunity to delve into the history and impact of synths in the Fallout universe in the upcoming season. The inclusion of Vault 108’s inhabitants known as Gary, a fan-favorite element from Fallout 3, would be a welcome addition in the show’s future seasons. The humorous yet disturbing nature of Vault 108 would be a great nod to the game and offer an intriguing storyline for the show to explore.

Finally, one of the most iconic characters from the Fallout series, Caesar, has yet to make an appearance in the show. With the potential of Lucy and Cooper heading to New Vegas in pursuit of Hank, there are ample opportunities for a compelling narrative involving Caesar’s Legion and its interactions with the main characters. In conclusion, Fallout’s first season has laid a solid foundation by incorporating various elements from the games, but it has left much to be explored and revealed in future seasons, creating anticipation for what lies ahead.

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