Fallout Show Declares New Vegas Non-Canon, According to Fans

Fans of Fallout are currently engaged in a debate over whether a recent development in the show has rendered Fallout: New Vegas non-canon. The discussion centers on a new addition to the Fallout timeline, which places a significant event just before the events of New Vegas.

Some are concerned that this indicates a departure from the established lore, potentially erasing the beloved game from the series altogether. In the latter part of Fallout’s first season, viewers are taken to the ruins of Shady Sands, a location featured in the first two Fallout games and referenced in New Vegas as the base of operations for the New California Republic.

A character in the series discovers a timeline that marks the “Fall of Shady Sands” in 2277, leading to assumptions that this is the year the city was destroyed. As New Vegas takes place four years later and does not mention this event, some fear that the show is creating a new timeline, thereby challenging the events of the game.

Another point of concern for fans is the appearance of New Vegas in the show, which is depicted as abandoned and damaged. While some view this as a disrespectful portrayal, others see it as a plausible outcome regardless of the game’s ending.

Some fans, however, argue that the timeline change does not necessarily invalidate New Vegas as canon, proposing that the fall of Shady Sands could have taken place after the events of the game, contributing to the NCR’s struggles depicted in New Vegas. They also highlight other references to New Vegas in the show as evidence that the writers have an appreciation for the game.

As the debate continues, fans eagerly anticipate the release of the show’s second season, which may provide further clarity on this issue. In the meantime, they are dissecting the details of the first season and engaging in discussions about the future direction of the Fallout series.

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