Fallout Show Sparks Increase in Fallout 4 Modding

This weekend saw a surge in mod downloads for Fallout 4 and New Vegas as players returned to the wasteland. More than 33 million Fallout 4 mods were installed this month, marking the highest number in the game’s history on Nexus Mods. New Vegas also experienced a similar spike, breaking its previous record for the most mods installed in a day. This increase in mod downloads coincides with the premiere of the Fallout show, which has resulted in a spike in players for the games.

Fans flocked back to the games over the weekend, leading to a record-breaking number of Fallout 4 mods being installed. Data from Nexus Mods shows that this is the busiest the modding community has ever been. The peak of mod installations occurred on a Sunday, with almost six million mods being installed, making it the busiest day since Fallout 4’s launch in 2015. As of the time of writing, April 2024 marks the busiest month for Fallout 4 modding, with 33,226,915 mods installed.

CHAD: A Fallout 76 Podcast identified the significant spike in downloads following the show’s premiere and noted similar activity for other Fallout games on the site. The trend is mirrored on the Nexus Mods page for Fallout: New Vegas, with a total of 11,374,516 mods being installed on a single Sunday, breaking the previous record set last year. Fallout 76 also experienced a surge in players on Steam, achieving its most successful day since records began. Notably, Fallout 3 did not see a significant increase in mod popularity following the show’s premiere.

This can be attributed to the fact that many are drawn to Fallout 4 due to it being the most recent mainline entry in the series, with modern controls and visuals making it more accessible for newcomers. Additionally, Fallout: New Vegas is expected to play a significant role in the show going forward, potentially contributing to the renewed interest in the game and the Mojave wasteland.

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