Fallout TV Series Continues to Explore Shady Sands and The NCR, According to Showrunners

The fate of the NCR is left uncertain by the destruction of their capital, as they were already struggling after multiple battles with different factions such as the raiders, the Fiends, the Great Khans, Caesar’s Legion, and the Brotherhood of Steel. Losing their capital could have been a devastating blow to the NCR, raising questions about their future.

The Fallout show captures the essence of New Vegas, making the Obsidian game more relevant than ever. Although the NCR’s fate is uncertain, Todd Howard reassured fans that we haven’t “heard the last of the NCR,” indicating that there is more to their story.

Showrunners Graham Wagner and Geneva Robertson-Dworet echoed this sentiment, emphasizing that the story is not over yet and there is more to be told. One of the reasons for the decision to destroy Shady Sands, the NCR’s capital, was to return the West Coast to a post-apocalyptic state.

This move aligns with the series’ theme of “war never changes” and continues the never-ending cycle of civilizations being wiped out. Despite this setback, the NCR has proven resilient in the past, having weathered numerous battles, including conflicts with technologically advanced factions such as the Enclave.

Fallout is a franchise centered around RPGs set in a post-nuclear world, featuring various games, spin-offs, tabletop games, and a TV series from Amazon Studios.

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