Fans of Marvel Vs Capcom Can’t Get Enough Of Cyclops And Ryu’s Handshake

Capcom is set to release a classic collection that will feature a brand-new piece of art showcasing Ryu and Cyclops having a significant reunion. This has sparked immense fan excitement, with many creating their own fan art of this moment.

While there are doubts about the release of a new Marvel vs. Capcom entry, the Marvel vs. Capcom Fighting Collection is still highly anticipated. The collection’s key art, which prominently features Ryu and Cyclops engaged in a handshake, has received a lot of attention.

This handshake is a nod to their interactions in previous games, and fans have already started creating art and memes based on this iconic scene. The cover art has generated a massive response, with one tweet about it garnering over 10 million views.

This demonstrates the immense love and excitement from fans for a new Marvel vs. Capcom game. It’s noteworthy how a simple artwork can evoke such a strong reaction.

Overall, the release of the classic collection and the renewed excitement from fans indicate a high demand for a new Marvel vs. Capcom game. The captivating cover art has already captured the attention and imagination of the fans, emphasizing their readiness for a new gaming experience.

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