Fans redesign Steam icon for Sonic X Shadow Generations.

Sonic X Shadow Generations’ Steam icon has been shared, and it has received a negative reception from many fans. As the autumn launch of Sonic X Shadow Generations draws near, the game’s icon has been added to the Steam database, providing a glimpse of official art for the Generations remaster. However, the new icon featuring Shadow alongside Modern Sonic and Classic Sonic has not been well-received compared to the original game’s reveal.

Some fans have criticized the placement and size of the characters in the icon. The current Steam icon for Sonic X Shadow Generations uses the same render of Modern Sonic and Classic Sonic from the original game, but with Shadow added and made to appear larger than the Sonics. This design choice has sparked dissatisfaction among fans, leading some to create their own versions of the icon with the characters in proper proportion to one another.

It is worth noting that the game’s release is still months away, and the current icon may have been used as a placeholder in the database. It is not yet visible on the Steam storefront, leaving the possibility for an update before the game’s launch. In spite of the criticisms, the inclusion of Shadow in the icon has resonated positively with some fans, as it suggests that Shadow is taking a prominent role in the upcoming game.

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