Lorcana’s Hero Starter Deck is Ideal in Every Aspect

The Stand Together starter deck from Lorcana’s Ursula’s Return expansion is highly regarded as one of the best starter decks offered by the company. It serves multiple purposes, catering to new players and those seeking a glimpse of the latest expansion. This deck focuses on the Hero classification, introducing a new archetype that emphasizes synergy among heroes. With 38 heroes and supporting cards, this deck is designed to generate value through the interaction between hero cards, and it serves as an ideal foundation for players to experiment with the new Hero synergies at the beginning of the season.

In addition to featuring new build-around cards, the Stand Together deck also includes reissued cards from past expansions, offering opportunities to reevaluate older cards and discover new synergies. This aspect sets it apart from previous starter decks, which often featured random and less relevant cards. The deck’s versatility and strategic potential make it a prime choice for those looking to bring a competitive and effective deck to League play. The deck is seen as a significant improvement over previous starter decks, such as Might & Magic, due to its open-ended and adaptable nature.

With over 200 Hero characters available in just Sapphire and Steel, players have nearly limitless options for expanding and customizing the Stand Together deck. Overall, this starter deck is highly praised for its ability to inspire creativity and imagination, making it a standout offering from Lorcana.

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