Xbox 360 games heavily discounted before store shutdown.

The Xbox 360 marketplace is scheduled to shut down on July 29, with digital game purchases no longer available after this date. In anticipation of the shutdown, prices of games in the marketplace have been reduced by up to 90%, with more discounts expected in June and July. However, it’s important to note that less than a third of Xbox 360 games are compatible with newer consoles. Xbox has confirmed that the marketplace will be permanently closing in July 2024.

Players have until the shutdown to purchase games they don’t already own on the 360 and add them to their library, as these games will no longer be available for digital purchase. Additionally, games purchased or owned already will remain playable on the 360 after the shutdown, along with their online capabilities if the developers continue to support them post-marketplace closure. Specifically, more than 60 games have already had their prices reduced, including well-known titles like Tomb Raider and Far Cry 4. Further price cuts are scheduled for June 16 and July 16, with the last round of reductions likely to be the most significant just before the marketplace closure on July 29.

It is advised to make purchases before it’s too late. Some of the highlighted games available for purchase include Tomb Raider (2013) and Thief, which are available at discounted prices on the Xbox 360. It’s worth noting that these reduced games may only be playable on the 360, as less than a third of 360 games are compatible with newer consoles, and there are no plans to make more of these games backwards compatible. For those with physical copies of the console’s games, the closure of the marketplace may increase the value of these games after the shutdown.

This serves as a reminder for players to fill any gaps in their 360 library before it’s too late.

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