Final Update for Redfall Allows Offline Gameplay

Arkane Austin, the developer behind Redfall, is preparing one final update for the game as it winds down following job cuts within Xbox. The update will introduce an offline mode, allowing players to enjoy the game without an internet connection, along with the ability to pause during single-player sessions. Despite the impending closure of Arkane Austin, the studio is striving to bring Redfall to its best state before its departure. This last update aims to ensure a fulfilling experience for players, even in the event that the servers are eventually deactivated, though the developers have stated that the servers will remain active for the time being.

The news of Arkane Austin’s closure came as part of a broader set of layoffs affecting several studios under the Bethesda umbrella. This move, criticized by many, surprised the industry, particularly given the impact on established studios and ongoing projects. Arkane Austin, known for its work on the popular game Prey, was reportedly also working on a pitch for a new installment in the Dishonored series, indicating plans for future projects beyond Redfall. As the studio’s live service endeavors are prematurely curtailed, the fate of Redfall’s online presence remains uncertain.

Despite assurances from Arkane Austin that the game will remain accessible online, the duration of its online availability is unknown.

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