Imagining a Pokemon Crossover Game in the Animal Crossing Fan Community

An Animal Crossing fan has been reimagining Pokemon as Animal Crossing villagers, animating them doing daily activities. The Twitter artist SpicyBeefu has created animations of Pokemon such as Wooper, Cyndaquil, Flygon, Cubone, and more, with reference art from creators like Omuart and Lemoncreamsicle.

These animations have sparked the desire for a full game crossover between Animal Crossing and Pokemon, which many believe would be highly successful. Fans have expressed frustration that Nintendo has not yet made this a reality.

Despite the success of various Pokemon titles in different genres, there hasn’t been a proper Pokemon game focusing on the cozier side of the franchise, as seen in the recent Netflix series, Pokemon Concierge. Animal Crossing, with its island inhabited by talking animals, seems to be the perfect fit for a potential Pokemon crossover, as suggested by SpicyBeefu’s animations.

The artist has effortlessly integrated various Pokemon into the Animal Crossing art style, depicting them engaging in different activities, such as Wooper jumping in puddles and Flygon catching bugs, capturing the essence of the Animal Crossing DS style. The adorable animations have been so well-received that some people are feeling upset at the unlikelihood of an actual game being developed in this way.

SpicyBeefu has mentioned the potential of releasing the models for these Pokemon to the public, which could inspire talented individuals to create fan games in the future. The potential for such a crossover has led to speculation that if Nintendo were to pursue this concept, it could be a huge success.

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