Final Fantasy 14 Aetheryte Crystal appears in London before Dawntrail

Square Enix has recently unveiled an Aetheryte Crystal in Central London as a tribute to the upcoming release of Dawntrail. The Crystal is stationed outside King’s Cross St Pancras Station and will be on display until 11 pm BST on Monday, June 24. The purpose of the crystal’s installation is to serve as a reminder for individuals who have yet to pre-order Dawntrail, signifying that the expansion will launch on July 2 and early access will be available starting the upcoming Friday. The countdown to the launch of Final Fantasy 14’s Dawntrail expansion has commenced, and for those with early access, the opportunity to engage with the DLC will arrive even sooner.

To mark the occasion and encourage pre-orders, Square Enix has stationed a physical Aetheryte Crystal, resembling those in the game, outside King’s Cross St Pancras Station in Central London for a limited time only. The deadline to witness the crystal in person is 11 pm BST on Monday, June 24. Although these crystals are known for facilitating fast travel in the game world of Hydaelyn, the London installation does not possess the same function. Those unable to visit the site in person will have to settle for admiring the crystal through photographs.

With Dawntrail’s release date confirmed, interested individuals are urged to make necessary preparations. Aetheryte Crystals have served as a prominent symbol throughout the build-up to the expansion’s release. In terms of pre-orders, numerous editions of Dawntrail are available for early access. While the collector’s edition is currently sold out, the collector’s box with accompanying items can still be purchased from the Square Enix store.

The standard edition also offers additional bonuses for pre-orders, and it will continue to be available post-launch. For dedicated fans, additional merchandise such as t-shirts from Uniqlo’s Final Fantasy collection is available for purchase in the US. Additionally, newcomers to Final Fantasy 14 can obtain a tenth-anniversary edition, which includes the base game and its first two expansions. It’s not too late to pre-order Dawntrail and secure early access to the expansion.

Those interested in obtaining the game and merchandise are encouraged to make their purchases through the provided links.

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