Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Contains a Kingdom Hearts 2 Reference

Breaking Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth’s crates is a thrilling and cathartic act. As noted by Noisy Pixel, the game includes a subtle reference to the Kingdom Hearts series. Upon reaching the Gold Saucer section and progressing with the main story, players are tasked with finding Barret, leading them to the Corel region of the map.

The Turks are also in pursuit of Barret, with one of them, Elena, getting stuck in the desert and requesting ice cream from Rude to deal with the heat. Later in the game, a cutscene shows Elena eating an ice cream in a helicopter, which bears a resemblance to the sea-salt ice cream favored by the Twilight Town gang in Kingdom Hearts 2. While it is not explicitly confirmed to be sea-salt ice cream, its blue color implies a connection.

Although there are slight differences in shape, it still appears to be the same.

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