Five Unique Places to Visit in Lorcana’s Enchanted Inklands

Disney Lorcana’s new locations are set to make a big impact on the TCG scene. These new locations will be introduced with the release of Into the Inklands later this month. The set includes five new location cards that will be showcased ahead of its release on February 23.

These locations offer unique effects that can change the dynamics of gameplay. Pride Lands, Pride Rock, assists the King and Prince deck archetype by providing a significant buff to willpower for characters on the location. It also reduces the ink cost to play other characters when a Prince or a King is present, making it a valuable addition to decks.

The Queen’s Castle, Mirror Chamber, offers a powerful card draw tool, allowing players to draw cards equal to the number of characters they have on the location each turn. This can lead to a significant card advantage and pose a threat to opponents. Kuzco’s Palace, Home of the Emperor, provides a strategic advantage by forcing opponents onto the back foot, especially when combined with characters that have Bodyguard.

This can create a challenging situation for opponents, potentially limiting their actions. RLS Legacy, Solar Galleon, offers the ability to give characters Evasive, providing protection and answering opponents’ slippery characters. This location can create a formidable board state and offers strategic advantages with its unique abilities.

The Bayou, Mysterious Swamp, offers players an opportunity to filter their hand for better cards while questing, providing a subtle but powerful advantage. This unassuming location can be a hidden threat and allows players to draw cards based on the number of questing characters present. Disney Lorcana’s Into the Inklands will be available in local game stores on February 23 and in big-box retail on March 8.

These new location cards are set to bring exciting new gameplay opportunities to TCG enthusiasts.

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