Free Comic Book Day 2022: A Celebration for Gamers

Free Comic Book Day is a popular annual event where comic book stores give away free comic books to customers. The event is usually held on the first Saturday in May and features a selection of free comic books from various publishers. This year’s event is particularly focused on video game tie-ins, with books inspired by popular games such as Pokemon, Splatoon, Far Cry, and Street Fighter.

In addition to video game comics, there are also non-video game comics available to pick up. The free comic books offered on Free Comic Book Day are typically sampler books that provide readers with a taste of different publishers’ offerings. While larger publishers like Marvel and DC often use the event to preview their big summer events, smaller publishers may feature one-shots and first-issue reprints to attract new readers.

There’s something for readers of all ages and preferences, making it an inclusive event for comic book enthusiasts. While the comic books are free, there’s still a catch – customers can only choose from the selection of Free Comic Book Day Comic Books provided by the publishers. Each store will have a variety of options available, and the selection changes every year.

This year, there’s a diverse range of video game-inspired books, offering something for fans of different gaming franchises. It’s an opportunity for readers to explore new stories and characters within the comic book medium. The event is a great way to support local comic book stores, as participating stores across the country give away these free comic books to promote the art form and bring new readers into their shops.

Customers are encouraged to consider making a purchase to support their local store while picking up their free comic books. After all, nothing is truly free, and it’s important to support these small businesses. Ultimately, Free Comic Book Day is a fantastic opportunity for comic book enthusiasts to discover new stories, support local stores, and celebrate the art of comic books.

Whether it’s video game tie-ins or other comic book offerings, there’s something for everyone to enjoy on Free Comic Book Day.

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