Get $100 off the ASUS ROG Ally at Best Buy right now.

The ASUS ROG Ally console is currently available for just $400, but only for a limited time. Ever since its grand reveal last year, the console has been generating a lot of buzz due to its impressive specs packed into a compact 7-inch form factor. This has redefined handheld gaming and posed a serious competition to the Steam Deck. Best Buy has recently added to the allure by offering a $100 price cut on the console.

Under the hood, the ROG Ally runs on an AMD Ryzen Z1 chip, a specialized APU exclusively engineered for handheld gaming. APU, short for Accelerated Processing Unit, combines CPU and GPU functionalities into one processor. The ROG Ally boasts a 7-inch display with a robust 1920 x 1200 resolution and a 120Hz refresh rate, ensuring high-quality visuals. What sets it apart is its support for different gaming ecosystems, making it compatible with multiple storefronts as well as cloud gaming services such as Xbox Cloud and NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW.

Additionally, users have the option to connect the Ally to an RTX 4090 through the ASUS XG mobile, placing it in the same league as high-end gaming laptops. The console also offers all-day battery life. If this deal interests you, it is recommended to visit Best Buy soon to secure a console before they sell out.

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