Get up to 75% off every Fallout game on Xbox now!

The Xbox is currently offering a 75% discount on every Fallout game included in its sale, all of which are available on Game Pass. Fallout 2 and Fallout 3 are both at the same discounted price. However, if you opt for the latter’s Game of the Year Edition, also at a 75% discount, it will only cost $4.99, less than the regular version. The Xbox 360’s Fallout: New Vegas is also available at a reduced price of $2.49 due to the same discount.

For newcomers to the Fallout series seeking a more modern experience, Fallout 4 is recommended. Set in an area known as The Commonwealth, the game follows the lone survivor of Vault 111 on a mission to find their missing child. Fallout 4 introduces additional elements to the series, such as base building, an enhanced armor system, and an open world for unrestricted exploration. Both the Xbox and PC versions of Fallout 4 are also subject to a 75% discount, bringing the price down to just $4.99 on either platform.

Despite still being the most expensive game in the series, even after the discount, Fallout 76 is also available at a reduced price, currently priced at $7.99 with an 80% discount. Finally, Fallout 76 takes the series into the MMO space as a prequel to the mainline games, requiring players to navigate the vast open world of Appalachia to establish bases, survive, and grow stronger.

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