Goku and Vegeta’s Rematch in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot stands out as one of their greatest battles.

Goku’s Next Journey expands on the importance of fighting and intense battles in Dragon Ball, demonstrated through boss battles and training sessions. The optional post-game fight with Vegeta is a standout example of this, offering a satisfying conclusion to the game.

While Goku and Vegeta are known for their rivalry, they had limited battles in the original series. This DLC provides a compelling showdown, showcasing their respective strengths.

The battle also challenges the perception of Goku’s superiority over Vegeta, presenting them as equals. The fight ends without a clear winner, reflecting their evolved characters and mutual respect.

The rematch between Goku and Vegeta captures the essence of their relationship and motivations, without relying on power-ups like Super Saiyan God or Ultra Instinct. It is a well-crafted and satisfying conclusion to Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot.

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