Hades 2 Technical Test Reveals Zagreus’ Fate

In Hades 2, a new character named Melinoe has been introduced as the protagonist, sparking concern among fans about the fate of Zagreus, the main character from the first game. A painting in the Technical Test suggests that Zagreus, along with his parents, may have been kidnapped. The technical test also provides hints about what might have happened to Zagreus, Hades, and Persephone in the time between the first game and the second.

Despite the excitement surrounding Melinoe and her unique playstyle, fans are worried about the well-being of Zagreus. The Technical Test offers only a fraction of what the Early Access release will include, but it effectively sets up the game’s story and emphasizes Melinoe’s role as the main character. After dying for the first time, players are sent to The Crossroads, a new hub in the game, where Melinoe can interact with a special painting inside a tent.

The painting depicts Zagreus, who appears taller than before. Although Zagreus has not yet appeared in Hades 2, it is speculated that Melinoe may have to confront him at some point, and he may be added to The Crossroads after players have completed the game multiple times. The painting also provides clues about the fate of Melinoe’s family, with a caption hinting that a titan holds them in its power.

Given the troubled situation of Hades, as shown in the game’s reveal trailer, a similar fate likely awaits Persephone and Zagreus.

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