Hades Now Available at 50% Discount on Nintendo Switch

Hades, developed by Supergiant Games, is now available for half price on the Nintendo Switch via the Nintendo eShop. This price cut coincides with Supergiant extending invites to the sequel’s first technical test. Though details about the test are not yet available, interested players can request an invite for the Hades 2 technical test.

If you missed out on Hades the first time around, now is the perfect opportunity to join in before the sequel gains momentum. The game is now available at a significantly reduced price on the Nintendo Switch. Hades transitioned from early access to a full release about a year after its inception.

Its availability on the Switch was simultaneous with the full release, and it later became available on PS4 and Xbox One. Even if you were unsure about Hades before, the discounted price offers a compelling reason to give it a try. At just $12.49, it’s a great deal for a high-quality game like Hades.

As a roguelike game, Hades has garnered widespread acclaim and has attracted players who might not typically be interested in the genre. The gameplay involves playing as Prince Zagreus, son of Hades, and battling the various bosses of the Underworld to escape and reach Mount Olympus. The game’s popularity has grown, and many have found themselves drawn into its world despite their initial reservations about the genre.

With the anticipation surrounding the sequel, Hades 2, players can look forward to the potential release on the Nintendo Switch’s successor, expected in early 2025. This could be a significant addition to the new console’s launch lineup and a major title for Nintendo.

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