Hasbro CEO Teases Commander for MTG Arena

Last year, it was mentioned that the team is working on how to expand the multiplayer experience beyond two players for MTG Arena. Meanwhile, Wizards of the Coast aims to increase the “collectibility” of MTG Arena over the next two years. Although Arena matches typically involve two players, Commander is played with four.

There has been speculation about the implementation of this format, with considerations for players on the top, bottom, right, and left. An investor raised concerns about the revenue performance of Arena compared to Magic: The Gathering. The digital TCG had one less set last year, which is believed to have impacted its revenue.

The company’s plan is to “refresh the platform” within the next two years. It remains uncertain how Arena will enhance its collectibility, given its existing card packs and cosmetics. The future plans of WotC for the platform are yet to be revealed.

MTG Arena supports Constructed Deck and Limited play, and players have the option to purchase booster packs through microtransactions or in-game currency earned from playing.

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