Helldivers 2: Automatons Have Already Liberated Cyberstan

The Automatons have returned with a vengeance, boasting a fleet ten times the size of those previously seen. In under 24 hours, they have already taken over Cyberstan, the planet where the Cyborgs, their creators, resided. According to illicit broadcasts, the Cyborgs are preparing to upgrade the Automatons and their weaponry.

This comes just a day after it was claimed that the Automatons had been driven back and wiped out. The clankers have invaded Cyberstan, swiftly liberating the planet. The Helldivers 2 community anticipates the arrival of another faction into the escalating conflict.

The purpose of the Automatons’ capture of Cyberstan is revealed in the broadcasts: to enable their creators to enhance their arsenal, resulting in the development of new weapons such as the orbital artillery cannon, capable of taking down Super Destroyers. The sudden return of the Automatons with a significantly larger fleet suggests that the previous war efforts may have been a distraction, while the bulk of the Automaton army was moving towards Cyberstan. The impending involvement of the Cyborgs in the conflict is expected to intensify the situation.

Simultaneously, there are emerging sightings of the Illuminate, along with audio evidence of Helldivers encountering challenging obstacles. Reports also indicate that the Terminids are rapidly evolving and reproducing, leading to more resilient bugs in the East. This suggests that the initial two months of the war are only a prelude to the real battle.

Helldivers 2 is the sequel to the third-person shooter from Arrowhead Game Studios, with players immersed in the Galactic War. As a player, the mission is to bring Managed Democracy to the masses and navigate the escalating conflicts involving various factions.

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