Helldivers 2 Patch Introduces Various Bug Fixes

Helldivers 2 has received an update that includes bug fixes and an enhancement to an armor set’s passive ability. The latest patch aims to improve the game’s performance and address various reported game crashes, ensuring a more stable gaming experience.

One of the key highlights of the update is the correction of the CE-27 Ground Breaker armor set, which now possesses the intended Engineer Kit passive ability, as opposed to the previously incorrect one. The specific version of the patch is 01.000.203 and it was released on April 16.

In addition to addressing game stability, it has fixed issues related to armor passives and various game crashes, particularly those occurring during mission loadout, extraction, and gameplay. Players can expect to see improvements such as reduced recoil when crouching and the ability to carry more grenades due to the Engineer Kit passive.

Notably, the patch notes emphasize that no balance changes have been made at this time, with the focus solely on technical issues and stability enhancements. Therefore, for those hoping for balance adjustments or other game changes, it is stated that they will need to wait for future updates, which may include revisions to the rewards system and other planned developments.

The full patch notes, as documented on the Steam page, provide a detailed rundown of the fixes and improvements introduced in this update. These include specific changes to the CE-27 Ground Breaker armor set, fixes for various game crashes, and the resolution of issues related to damage disparities between PC and console players.

Additionally, specific instances of crashes, such as those caused by too many civilians spawning or during gameplay, have been addressed in this patch. The notes also indicate that certain issues not addressed in this update may be targeted in future releases.

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