Helldivers 2 Update: Game Crashes, Automaton Eradication, And A New Warbond

The week has been packed with Helldivers 2 developments. From the crushing of the Automatons and a new Warbond, to cloaked ships in the sky and a pretty severe crashing problem, there’s a lot to go over. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Arrowhead Wants You To “Let Democracy Lie”
A series of difficult operations over the weekend were accompanied by a surprising game crash. The latest patch rolled out with widespread crashes and no hotfix till at least Monday. The crashes tend to happen during extraction, and Arrowhead is aware of the issue and working on a hotfix.

The Bots Are Dead, Long Live The Illuminate
The lore of Helldivers 2 has taken a surprise turn. After a failed Major Order compromised the success of the attempt to eradicate the Automatons, the community made a comeback. The Galactic War seems to be going well, and the newest Major Order has players returning to the Terminid front.

Bring Back The Automatons Please
The recent patches had introduced exciting bot gameplay, and its absence is felt. The level cap was raised to 150, offering hardcore divers a new benchmark to strive for. Arrowhead has also announced a new Warbond focusing on explosive weapons.

Overall, the development in Helldivers 2 has been eventful, introducing challenges and surprises for the players to navigate.

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