Helldivers 2’s PC Release Boosts Its Sales, Making It One of PlayStation’s Top Sellers

Helldivers 2 has quickly become one of the highest-grossing games on the PlayStation platform in the US, largely due to its release on PC. The game’s simultaneous launch on PC and PS5 has contributed to its massive success, with Helldivers 2 boasting the highest monthly active users on Steam since its debut. The game has defied expectations, following in the footsteps of other surprise hits like Baldur’s Gate 3 and Palworld in recent years.

Despite the absence of official launch figures, industry analyst Mat Piscatella revealed that Helldivers 2 ranks among the top-selling titles for Sony in the US, despite only being available for a short time. Notably, Helldivers 2’s success is attributed to its release on both PC and PS5. Piscatella emphasizes the importance of the game’s availability on Steam, suggesting that it would not have achieved the same level of success if it had been exclusive to the PlayStation platform.

Furthermore, player engagement data reflects the game’s popularity on Steam, underscoring the significance of its PC release. The success of Helldivers 2 emphasizes the strategy of bringing major titles to PC, as evidenced by the strong performance of other PlayStation hits like God of War, Spider-Man, and Horizon Zero Dawn. Despite this success, fans are still eagerly awaiting the release of a PC port for Bloodborne.

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