Helldivers 2’s Super Credit Farming Exploits to Be Fixed Soon

Helldivers 2 players have been using exploits to farm for Super Credits, the game’s premium currency. This came to light after a fan complained on the game’s Discord server, prompting Arrowhead to acknowledge the issue. However, the developer seems more focused on addressing other pressing concerns before tackling the problem of credit farming.

Super Credits are highly sought after in Helldivers 2, as they can be used to unlock premium armor and Warbonds. While they can be acquired through gameplay or purchase, some players have resorted to exploiting a recently discovered glitch that allows them to amass Super Credits in bulk at a slow pace. The exploit involves grabbing Super Credits and then force quitting the game, which allows players to retain the currency without completing the mission.

This behavior has irked many players who have encountered individuals taking advantage of the exploit. One frustrated fan even took their complaint directly to Arrowhead on the game’s Discord server. In response to the complaint, Helldivers 2 community manager Twinbeard acknowledged the issue and thanked the player for highlighting the problem.

However, no details were provided on the progress of a potential fix, suggesting that Arrowhead may be prioritizing other critical issues such as fire damage and rewards system overhaul. Despite the developer’s focus on addressing other pressing concerns, it is reassuring to know that Arrowhead intends to address the Super Credit farming problem at some point in the future.

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