Hikaru Utada Re-Records Iconic Kingdom Hearts Theme Song

Hikaru Utada’s new album, Science Fiction, includes a re-recorded version of Hikari, the Japanese rendition of Simple and Clean, which is one of the most recognized songs from the Kingdom Hearts series. However, Passion, the Japanese counterpart to Kingdom Hearts 2’s Sanctuary, is notably absent from the album. Hikaru Utada, renowned for her contributions to the gaming world, specifically for her work on Kingdom Hearts, has released the re-recorded version of Hikari.

Fans of the Kingdom Hearts series often reminisce about their initial introduction to the franchise, which typically involves the powerful impact of Hikaru Utada’s captivating songs featured in promotional material. Devotees of Kingdom Hearts’ remarkable music will be pleased to hear that Hikaru Utada has re-recorded the iconic song that served as the catalyst for the series. The newly released album, Science Fiction, contains re-recorded versions of Utada’s greatest hits, providing a lead-up to her upcoming Science Fiction tour.

Additionally, Utada has unveiled 4K versions of some of her previous music videos, including upgraded renditions of Hikari and Passion. The re-recorded version of Hikari has resonated positively with listeners, serving as a refreshing take on the original. Despite the allure of nostalgia, the new rendition has garnered its own praise.

However, the absence of a revamped version of Passion, the introductory song for Kingdom Hearts 2, has left fans yearning for its inclusion in the future.

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