Hollow Knight: Silksong Fans Frustrated by Triple-I Showcase Tease

The Triple-I Initiative showcase recently sparked controversy among Hollow Knight: Silksong fans, who felt disrespected by a tease in the countdown. The showcase joked about a “highly anticipated metroidvania with an insect,” but no news about Silksong followed. This has left many fans feeling baited and upset, as they had eagerly anticipated an update on the game’s progress. It has become a tradition for Hollow Knight fans to express their anticipation for Silksong in live chat during gaming showcases, even when they don’t expect the game to be featured.

This was the case during the Triple-I Initiative showcase, which included announcements for other games, such as a new Prince of Persia title and several interesting indies like Risk of Rain 2. Despite their doubts, many fans found the tease at the expense of Silksong to be more agitating than previous instances. The organizers of the showcase were aware that Silksong fans would be active in the chat, and the aftermath has shown a mix of disappointment, sadness, and anger among those eagerly awaiting the game. As the wait for Silksong continues, emotions are running high, causing frustration to grow.

The organizers may need to reconsider provoking such passionate reactions, even if done in good fun, given the current sensitivity surrounding the game’s release.

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