How to Finish All Week 5 Challenges in MW3 Season 3

This week, Call of Duty has reintroduced the Model 1887s, which have remained as powerful as they were in the past. By completing any five of this week’s challenges, players can unlock the attachment to convert the Lockwood MK2 into this fan-favorite weapon.

These challenges can be completed in core multiplayer, Zombies, and Warzone. At the time of writing, the hipfire accuracy of this gun is broken, allowing players to snipe enemies from 50+ meters by using Ball ammo.

Although it is anticipated that the gun will be nerfed soon, for the time being, it remains extremely powerful in multiplayer, earning it an S-tier ranking. It is noted that recommended weapons have a flaming icon beside them in the Create-A-Class menu, and clean kills occur when an enemy is eliminated without receiving any damage.

Additionally, for the pentakill challenge, all five kills must be landed within a two-second period. Please note that the information might also apply to shotguns, although it has not been tested yet.

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