How to Obtain Complimentary Drum Tokens for Parade Partners in Monopoly Go

Monopoly Go has introduced a new Partner Event, Parade Partners, following the conclusion of the Prize Drop mini-game. The event started on April 26 and will be available for five days until May 1. Players can expect various rewards such as dice rolls, sticker packs, and cash as they build parade floats and progress through the event.

In order to score points and achieve all the milestones in the Parade Partners event, players are required to collect special Drum tokens. These tokens serve as the exclusive currency for spinning the partner wheel during the event, which contributes to the float’s progress. Players can earn Drum tokens for free by completing quick win objectives, which are easy tasks accessible through the ‘Wins’ option at the bottom of the screen.

Additionally, participating in active events and tournaments, such as the current Railroad Rally solo event, provides another opportunity to obtain Drum tokens by completing milestones. During the Parade Partners event, players will encounter tiles with Drum tokens on the game board. Landing on these tiles earns players additional Drum tokens, with the option to increase their roll multiplier to receive more tokens.

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