I’m Only Playing Dragon’s Dogma 2 For Glyndwr” Rewrite Request

The protagonist’s friendship with Glyndwr adds depth and connection beyond the main quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Helping Glyndwr feels more rewarding than the main quest, and individual experiences with the game will vary. The protagonist finds being the chosen one a lot of work and expresses discontent with the amount of walking and inconvenience of fast travel in the game. After reaching Vernworth and switching vocations, the protagonist encounters Glyndwr and helps him by giving him a bow.

This encounter sparks the protagonist’s curiosity about elves and their presence in the game world, despite the main quests taking precedence. Glyndwr’s return ignites a realization in the protagonist about the importance of companionship, particularly in contrast to the surface-level relationship with Pawns. Their friendship leads to the discovery of the Sacred Arbor and a deeper connection with the elven world. Through their adventures together, the protagonist realizes the value of helping a friend achieve their goals and the joy of making new friends.

As Glyndwr repeatedly appears with new requests, the protagonist finds themselves more invested in their friendship than in the main quest. The interactions with Glyndwr and the elven world greatly improve the protagonist’s fondness for the game and provide a more rewarding experience than the monster-culling and political intrigue of the main quest. The friendship with Glyndwr becomes a driving force in the protagonist’s playthrough, overshadowing the main storyline.

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