Invincible’s Train Scene Immortalized as Youtooz Figure

Youtooz has turned the brutal train scene from Invincible’s season one finale into a collectible figure. The figure will cost $39.99, and pre-orders start on April 30. It will begin shipping on September 20. Invincible’s second season has concluded, and for fans who may not be up to date with the latest developments, fear not – there are no spoilers here for Atom Eve and the rest of the cast.

However, there may be spoilers for plot points from season one. Since the first season ended almost three years ago, and given that this article focuses on a key moment from the finale, it is assumed that spoilers will not pose a problem. The iconic train scene from the epic finale of season one has now been turned into a figure available for pre-order. In this scene, Omni Man holds Invincible in front of a speeding subway train in an attempt to make his son realize their vision and his role on Earth.

Skybound has enlisted over 30 gaming industry veterans to produce a high-quality Invincible game. The show has gained attention for its unapologetic portrayal of violence, with severed limbs and a sea of blood depicted throughout this particular scene. Youtooz’s recreation of this moment reflects the same intensity, with the figure showcasing the severed head of an innocent bystander, along with a pool of blood, emphasizing Omni-Man’s unwavering demeanor as he commits mass murder. Youtooz offers the option to pre-order the collectible figure on its store page from April 30 onwards, priced at $39.99, with an expected shipping timeframe from September 20 to October 20.

Additionally, Funko has released its first Invincible Pops, including bloody variants that complement the train scene figure. For Invincible fans, these collectibles from Funko and Youtooz offer an array of options to make the wait for season three more enjoyable.

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