It is 2024, Your RPG Doesn’t Require Stealth Segments.

Stealth mechanics in RPGs are often seen as lacking depth, making gameplay tedious and uninteresting. The forced stealth sections in games like Star Wars Outlaws may not be suitable for the franchise’s high-energy nature.

Instead of trying to incorporate multiple mechanics, RPGs should focus on perfecting one, as the end result can suffer without this singular focus. The prevalence of enforced stealth sections in triple-A RPGs is a growing concern.

With underdeveloped sneaking mechanics and unrealistic enemy behavior, these mandatory sections can be frustrating and outdated. The upcoming Ubisoft RPG, Star Wars Outlaws, plans to include stealth gameplay, adding to the ongoing trend.

However, this inclusion may not align with the game’s overall experience. The recent presentation of Star Wars Outlaws during the Ubisoft Forward show revealed concerns about the game’s space travel mechanics, which were found lacking in excitement.

Additionally, the transition to multiple loading screens for fast travel seemed like a step back compared to more seamless experiences in other games. Upon further examination of the planetside gameplay, some positive aspects were revealed, such as a karma system and dialogue options.

However, concerns persisted about the generic stealth gameplay highlighted in the trailer. The protagonist’s sneaking actions felt familiar and uninspired, raising doubts about the overall quality of the stealth mechanics.

While there is no inherent issue with stealth gameplay, the problem lies in its execution within many triple-A RPGs. The lack of polish and integration into the game’s overarching experience often results in forgettable and lackluster stealth sections.

This disconnect highlights the importance of a game being dedicated to its chosen mechanics and genres, rather than trying to incorporate numerous elements half-heartedly. In the context of Star Wars, the introduction of stealth mechanics raises questions about their suitability for the franchise.

Unlike subtle, tense thrillers, the essence of Star Wars revolves around explosive action and grand spectacle. The inclusion of stealth in such a setting may feel out of place and detract from the game’s overall experience.

Ultimately, the focus on specific mechanics and gameplay elements is crucial for creating an engaging and immersive gaming experience. Without a coherent and intentional design approach, games can end up feeling disjointed and uninspired, failing to capture the excitement and immersion that players seek.

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