Josh Sawyer, Director of Fallout: New Vegas, Correctly States That Caravan Is Simple

Caravan is a card game in Fallout: New Vegas, in which players compete to reach a point total between 21 and 26 in each lane by arranging standard playing cards. The game seems daunting at first, but director Josh Sawyer insists that it’s “not that hard.” The text suggests a strategy to win easily by filling the deck with only sixes, tens, jacks, and kings. This approach guarantees maximum points and a heightened chance of winning.

The game involves scoring the highest possible number of points in each lane by strategically placing the cards. Here, kings double the card’s value, jacks remove a lane of cards, and queens reverse the direction of play. The text emphasizes that success in Caravan requires careful planning rather than statistical fine-tuning or gambling expertise. The tutorial initially provides players with useless cards, which makes it difficult to grasp the game.

However, the text recommends scavenging for better cards in the Wasteland to build a strong deck. By doing so, one can ensure drawing the required cards to achieve the highest value of 26 while also being able to defeat opponents. Although this strategy may not align with the game’s spirit, it offers a practical means to survive and succeed. In conclusion, the text encourages players not to be discouraged by the game’s initial complexity and high difficulty.

By employing the suggested strategy and adjusting their approach, players can enhance their performance in Caravan and achieve significant success in the game.

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