Silksong was not the least of Indie World’s problems.

The anticipation for Silksong is mixed. Some people consider the game to be more of a meme than a desired game, while others are eagerly awaiting its release. Personally, the previous game, Hollow Knight, was enjoyable for me, but my hopes and dreams aren’t solely dependent on the next installment.

I understand the desire for information on a game and the disappointment of being left empty-handed. Despite this, Silksong doesn’t pique my interest. There is an acknowledgement that watching Indie World without expectations other than the hope of seeing something interesting is the way to approach it.

The overabundance of cutesiness and the lack of new content left little excitement following the showcase. Indie World is essentially a commercial platform aimed at promoting games, and it’s fair to criticize it when it fails to generate much interest. However, it seems overly critical to dismiss indie developers’ earnest efforts to present games that differ from standard mainstream ones as boring.

The emphasis on wholesomeness in indie games and the reliance on Silksong to carry the showcase raises questions about the variety and promotion of indie games in the industry. The showcase should not be overly reliant on one highly-anticipated title, and there should be a wider range of indie games promoted. The anticipation for titles like Tomb Raider at the next showcase also highlights the need for a diverse range of games to be featured.

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