Helldivers 2-Player Team Completes Major Objective by Eliminating 2 Billion Terminids

The Helldivers 2 players accomplished an impressive feat by killing two billion Terminids in less than 24 hours, beating the deadline set by the developers by a significant margin. This achievement is expected to lead to a more challenging task from the game master, Joel, in the future. The completion of this major order was remarkably swift and smooth, as players could contribute to the kill count on any Terminid planet, regardless of their activities.

This flexibility likely facilitated the rapid completion of the task. While the success is cause for celebration, there is anticipation of tougher challenges in the future, as the game master is known for keeping the players on their toes. In other news, the disappointment of the absence of transmog in the game was reported, indicating that players will not be able to customize their characters’ appearance without sacrificing optimal armor.

However, the possibility of crossovers with other games in the future has not been ruled out, with the condition that they align with the world of Helldivers.

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