Lowest Price Ever for Pokemon Kanto Starter Funko Pop!

Funko has released the first-ever Pokemon Funko Pop! Moment, depicting the iconic scene of picking your Kanto starter Pokemon. This figure includes all three original starter Pokemon and is priced at $56.99, the lowest it has ever been. The Pokemon Funko Pop!

Moment is a must-have for collectors and Pokemon fans, offering a nostalgic reminder of the classic Red & Blue games. Additionally, there is a C2E2 exclusive Cresselia figure available, but no other Funko Pops are officially confirmed for release at the moment. This break in releases provides collectors with the opportunity to catch up on any figures they may have missed. The Pokemon Funko Pop!

Moment is currently available at a reduced price, making it an ideal time to add it to your collection. The set showcases Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle on a table within a hard case, allowing fans to bring all three starters home. Originally priced at $69.99, the figure is now available for $56.99 on Amazon, offering a significant discount. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just starting your collection, this Pokemon Funko Pop!

Moment is a standout addition for any Pokemon enthusiast. While the Pokemon Funko Pop! scene has slowed down, attention has shifted to the plush division. The Pokemon Center restocked its Van Gogh collection, featuring the sought-after Pikachu plush cosplaying as the famous artist.

Additionally, a 59-inch Slowpoke plush, priced at $450, has been revealed, offering a unique and sizable addition to the plush lineup.

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