Hades 2’s Reputation Is Holding It Back

Excitement for Hades has reached a fever pitch. The game, widely regarded as one of the best of all time, breathes fresh life into old Greek myths and seamlessly incorporates non-linear gameplay into its story.

The immersive and challenging combat is a major draw for players. The original game holds a special place in the hearts of many, having been a popular choice during the pandemic.

However, its immense success raises a question: Can Hades even be outdone? Hades has propelled itself into the spotlight as a breakout indie, garnering a cult following and revolutionizing the roguelike genre.

It has influenced numerous games in both indie and triple-A spheres, leaving a lasting impact. The anticipation for the sequel is high, with early access being eagerly awaited.

However, the game’s success also puts it in competition with the numerous titles it has influenced. The decision to create Hades 2 instead of a new game signifies a departure from Supergiant’s tradition of pursuing new and distinctive themes and mechanics with each release.

The prospect of a sequel presents both opportunities and challenges for the company. With the current state of the gaming industry, the safer choice of making a sequel is understandable, even if it does not necessarily lead to something entirely new or innovative.

The expectations for Hades 2 are immense due to the revolutionary impact of its predecessor. While it is unlikely to recreate the same level of impact, this does not mean it will be a bad game.

It is anticipated to be a solid continuation of the original, albeit with some differences. The sequel is set to feature Melinoë, Princess of the Underworld, as the main character, facing off against the Titan of Time.

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