Kingdom Hearts Fans Create the Ultimate KH4 Version_skills:version-control

The community is discussing ways to create the worst possible Kingdom Hearts 4 (KH4) game. Suggestions include using only post-2018 Disney movies, revealing that the entire series was a dream, and excluding any Final Fantasy characters. For example, one idea is to have Sora wake up as a 14-year-old on Destiny Islands, suggesting that Sora, Kairi, and Riku were roleplaying at Disney Land all along. Another suggestion is to have every world in the game be a different Marvel movie, with some even suggesting the return of the unpopular swimming mechanics from the first Kingdom Hearts game in the Atlantica world from Kingdom Hearts 1.

Some members of the community are proposing different platforms for the game, such as a version for the Nintendo Switch, one for Apple Arcade, and a plot-heavy installment exclusively for the ASUS Rog Ally. There are also suggestions for a game filled with straight-to-DVD sequels from various Disney movies. Others are looking to incorporate only post-2018 worlds into the game, such as Star Wars, Marvel, Elemental, Wish, and the new Haunted Mansion, while excluding Kairi and Riku and all Final Fantasy characters. Some are even proposing that the game should use Chain of Memories gameplay and Kingdom Hearts 1 swimming mechanics, and the game should end with Sora waking up and realizing that the entire series was just a dream he had at Disney Land.

In summary, the community has come up with various ways to create a potentially terrible Kingdom Hearts 4 game, including using post-2018 Disney movies exclusively, incorporating only Marvel worlds, and minimizing the presence of beloved characters and elements from the series.

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