Kingdom Hearts Fans Oppose First Game Remake

Picking up this ambitious RPG crossover might have changed me forever. Unlike Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts has strangely stayed far away from remakes so far, and has instead remastered almost all of the games in the series to make them playable on modern consoles.

With the first Kingdom Hearts now being more than 20 years old and some games getting remakes and remasters despite being much younger, some fans are wondering if we’ll ever see the first game remade. Do Kingdom Hearts Fans Even Want A Remake?

With how many remakes we’re seeing in this console generation, you might think that Kingdom Hearts fans are jumping at the idea of the first game getting polished up and redone, but that’s actually not the case at all. Over on the Kingdom Hearts subreddit, Redditor LafterMastr shared a post asking fans if they think that Kingdom Hearts deserves a remake or not.

As of the time of writing, the most popular comment on the thread is from Redditor marauder_squad, who simply says, “It does not need one”. That comment has nearly as many upvotes as the thread itself, which should show that the majority of Kingdom Hearts fans agree that it’d be a little pointless to remake a stylised game that has aged so well.

Although I don’t want a remake of the first Kingdom Hearts either, I would love to see 358/2 Days remade so that it’s not just a cutscene compilation in the ReMixes. Several Redditors also point out the fact that a Kingdom Hearts remake would also have to remove Deep Jungle from the game, as the rights to Tarzan are a total mess and are the reason it hasn’t appeared as a world in the series since.

Deep Jungle might be controversial, but it’s a good point as to why Kingdom Hearts doesn’t need a remake. Although some fans argue that the first Kingdom Hearts does deserve a remake and could benefit from it in a few ways, the overruling opinion is that it doesn’t need one and that it might lose some of the magic that made it special.

We’ve already been waiting long enough for Kingdom Hearts 4, let’s not delay that.

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