Konami’s Ineffectiveness in Marketing Silent Hill 2

The text deals with a detailed analysis of a potential revival of a video game, Silent Hill 2. The writer expresses skepticism about the game, pointing out concerns such as repetitive combat and an unwillingness to showcase major parts of the town. However, upon closer inspection of materials beyond flashy trailers, the writer finds the game to be more appealing, with a subdued, mysterious, and melancholic tone reminiscent of the original.

The gameplay, HUD, and perspective are also discussed, highlighting the simplicity and familiarity with modern survival horror. The writer expresses wanting to see more exploration across the town to better understand the game’s scope and hopes for the freedom to explore. There are concerns about the game’s maturity and marketing strategy, particularly as it pertains to Konami’s presentation of the game.

However, the decision to show the game’s actual gameplay is seen as a positive development, making it easier for fans to accept the game. The text also describes the game’s dreamlike aura, the interactions with characters, and the hope that Silent Hill remains enigmatic without trying to be something different. It concludes by highlighting the significance of this remake as a new experience for players after a long absence of the franchise.

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