Leaked DLC Characters for Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm – Connections Remaining

The text revolves around the leaking of characters and costumes for a game, as well as fans’ reactions to this information. The first paragraph introduces the characters Kurenai, Kawaki (Karma), and Boruto (Momoshiki) and mentions that this information has been rumored for some time.

The second paragraph discusses two new costumes, one for Hinata and another for Naruto, and mentions that two of the leaked characters have been confirmed, with in-game evidence for the remaining fighters. It also states that the leak seemingly confirms the remaining DLC content for the game.

The third paragraph hones in on the third character in the season pass, Kurenai, a character that fans have been wanting to see since the first Ultimate Ninja Storm game. It continues to discuss the fourth fighter, Kawaki’s Karma form, which is being turned into its own fighter.

It also mentions the new version of Boruto where he’s taken over by Momoshiki and expresses surprise that this character isn’t in the game considering its importance in the anime. It also comments on the possibility of fans being annoyed at getting two more versions of characters already on the roster.

Finally, the text briefly mentions that two new costumes coming as part of the season pass have been found in the datamine.

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