Lego Gives Free Sets for Celebrating Star Wars Day

Lego is celebrating Star Wars Day and the 25th anniversary of its first Star Wars Lego set by giving away free Lego sets and collectible coins to customers who spend a certain amount on Lego Star Wars products from now until May 5. The gifts include three different sets, which are available depending on the amount spent on Star Wars products at Lego. The sets are AAT, Battle of Yavin, and Trade Federation Troop Carrier.

Customers who spend over $160 in a single transaction and have Star Wars items in their cart will receive all three free gifts. In addition to the three sets, customers will also receive a collectible coin with the moment Luke Skywalker fires the shot that blows up the Death Star etched onto it. This special coin is available until May 5.

The promotion is not limited to Lego Insider members, and anyone buying products on the Lego store can receive the free gifts from now until May 5. The new Lego Star Wars TIE Interceptor, set for release on May 4, is also included in the promotion. The AAT set is a small 75-piece set modeled after the laser turrets seen in The Phantom Menace.

The Troop Carrier set is 262 pieces and includes pilot droids and battle droids. The Battle of Yavin collectible is a coin with an iconic moment from Star Wars etched onto it. With Star Wars Day approaching, Lego is offering this special promotion to commemorate the anniversary of its first Star Wars Lego set and the 25th anniversary of The Phantom Menace’s cinematic release.

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